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Meet The Team

Laura Zeigler

Laura has been teaching yoga and acro yoga to adults and kids in Boulder, CO for over a decade. She loves practicing in community and moves into embodied relationship with curiosity, open communication and creativity. Through acro yoga she discovered Thai massage and an ever deepening understanding of both physical and spiritual anatomy. Her practice of conscious, healing touch also includes luxurious therapeutic flights, in which the recipient can release deep holding patterns of stress and tension. She has been organizing and leading transformational retreats since 2017 and loves seeing how people can blossom in a conscious environment. When she is not on the mat teaching or practicing, you can find Laura spending quality time with her family, climbing, hiking and snowboarding in the mountains near her Colorado home, or upside down in the park - either on her hands or someone else’s feet!

John Holien

A life long dreamer, entrepreneur, and athlete John has always gone hard in life, but at 45 when his body started to give out he was introduced to yoga, which in turn deepened his meditation practice and he began to long for a more peaceful path. Upon a soul searching journey backpacking through Central America, he landed in Nosara, Costa Rica, one of the Blue Zones of the world, where health and wellness take precedence and he was finally able to slow down and just BE. Reborn to his own highest path and inspired to introduce the yogic lifestyle to others like himself, he is the visionary behind Grateful Retreats. He is dedicated to gathering the best possible team to actualize his vision of retreats with music as one of the medicines to celebrate wellness with his favorite group of people in this world, Dead-Heads.

Javier Trejo

Born in Monclova Coahuila Mexico, and raised in the Midwest’s Twin Cities Minnesota, Javier’s music is as diverse as his upbringing. Mom loved country, Dad loved Mexican bolleros and Tex-Mex, and everything in between. He calls his music “Mexican-Americana”.

“It’s Rock n Roll on the radio, but tortillas on the table.” ~ Javier Trejo

Diana Sabreen

Diana Sabreen is a Creative Life Consultant, a pro photographer, and the founder of The Big Dream. She helps people live the creative, playful and adventurous lives they actually want to be living, instead of the ones they think they "should" be living.

Join her at Grateful Retreats for a workshop about how to live your Big Dream, and keep an eye out for her as she creatively photographs the retreat!

Diana is available for private Big Dream consulting sessions as well as private photo shoots during your time at Grateful Retreats.

Derek Ohl

Derek Dames Ohl has been taking the Front Range music scene by storm for the better half of a decade with rock n’ roll outfit Flash Mountain Flood. In his spare time from Flash, Derek keeps his roots close with a six string on his back, sharing songs at every bar or dive that will host with sounds ranging from Country to Blues, Derek takes pride in keeping the American roots music tradition alive, and is sure to keep every listener on their toes. playing solo shows all the way up to five piece, with a band of hippies at his back, Derek has been related to artists like John Prine with his quirky style one second, and woeful Guy Clark the next with his songwriting style. “There’s gotta be balance” Derek says, “or else all beers would be full of tears”.

Alessandra Montana

Alessandra Montana is a Sound Keeper, Yoga teacher and Reiki master, deeply
connected with the Energy of Mother Earth and with a soulful interest for indigenous
traditions, old times fairy tales and angels. Born in Italy but spent the past 27 years living between Paris, London, Los Angeles and Mexico. After 18 years in the fashion business, in 2008 she decided to quit her comfortable but yet very empty fashion director position to explore herself to a deeper level and follow her own dreams.

Yoga was the facilitator of the big shift in Alessandra's life. Alessandra is certified in Bhakti and Hatha Yoga ( Shiva Rea and Saul David Raye ). Yoga and Kirtan were her doorway into the magic Universe of Sound and Vibrations. After finishing her training in Bhakti and Hatha, Alessandra took on the studies with pioneers in sound experiences. Initiated to the magic of the Gong by Don Conreaux (Gong Grand Master ) who became her guidance, inspiration and her continuous point of reference. She continued her studies with Philippe Garnier and Richard Rubis to mention a few.

During her growth in the Gong field, she started assisting her teachers and as well
under the blessings of the Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux , she started offering
Sound Healing and Gong Training to share the wisdom & Gong legacy received by Baba
by training others in merging into the journey of sounds and vibrations with awareness
and heart power. She travels and works in Mexico, Los Angeles and Europe. Her work has been mentioned in Yoga Journal USA, 66 minutes (French television), New York Times, Vogue Uomo ( Italy) to mention a few and she was chosen as sound therapist for Grateful Dead, Dave Matthews Band,  and  Phish.